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Summer Fun!

Summer means celebrations such as  weddings and birthdays, fun picnics and get-togethers, camping and more!    Know that we are your connection for any important gathering, and to stock up for wonderful weekend get togethers.






  Through Teleflora, flowers can be delivered almost anywhere! Remember you can send flowers across the country for those upcoming birthdays and other special occassions.

With sympathy.....we are sorry for your loss.  If you have a friend or family out of state, but still want them to know you care, send flowers from Kramer's First City Flowers via Teleflora. Parties are our specialty!  




Planning a party?  Order from Kramer's Kitchen to help make things easier on the party plannin!  Order the entire meal, or just fresh salads or delicious meat in bulk.  Our prices are competitive!  Check out the Deli Page for more details, then call Ashley for more information or to order.

For that next big day, or even a small gathering for a birthday or anniversary.  Why cook?  Let us make the delicious meal and relax!

Thank you for shopping at Kramer's County Market!  We are proud to serve you and enjoy being a part of this community!

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